"One birthed her, one nursed her, one raised her - now she's burying all three. A daughter is called back to the red clay of Georgia to bury her three moms and shape her own identity. Good Lord Almighty! Who are all these crazy people at the funerals?!"


This is a one-woman show based on the playwright, Virginia Bryan's life experience growing up with three mothers in the Bible Belt South. The show premiered one night only in February 2010 at the Peoples Improv Theatre. After the initial premiere, My Three Moms enjoyed a four week run in Jan and Feb of 2011 at Stage Left Studio. In the play, Bryan plays herself and a slew of other characters, including two of her mothers, one of whom is her black "Mammy," family members and local towns people. The main character in the play is the matriarch of the highly-revered Georgia family, who sugar-coats everything, including death by touting "we've got a life to celebrate" as she enters each funeral. Dark family secrets are revealed throughout, which build to the final climax where the daughter realizes that what she thought was, wasn't. The show is funny, thoughtful and heart-wrenching. Audiences will laugh, cry and walk away with a renewed sense of hope.