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What people are saying...

"The true story is one that shows family is not limited to DNA, often including those who play a pivotal role in our lives. While the play may take place predominantly at funerals, things are not strictly melancholy. Each takes place in the southern US, and a colourful array of relatives bestow a sense of humiliation and guilt only family seems to be able to. It's entertaining to watch Bryan take on all the roles herself..."
-The Vue Weekly

"Virginia Bryan’s My Three Moms carries on a great American literary tradition by painting the South as a hotbed of quirkiness, genteel backstabbing and dysfunctional families.

Bryan provides Georgia accents so rich you want to spoon them up with ice cream in her amusing portrayals of aged aunts and ancient family friends at the funerals of her three mothers — the alcoholic who gave birth to her, the maid who helped raise her and the aunt who became her stepmother after her parents’ divorce...Bryan has the characters. "
-Gordon Kent, Edmonton Journal, August 22, 2012

"I really enjoyed Virginia Bryan's performance and story and was quite impressed that she was able to convey a multitude of characters with Georgia Southern accents that each sounded unique to my Yankee ears."
-Works by Women

"If you like to read Southern novels, you will love this performance! If you enjoyed "Driving Miss Daisy," you will love this performance! If you've never read a Southern novel and never seen "Driving Miss Daisy," you will love this performance!"

"Virginia Bryan's ability to literally jump into the voices, the pitch and the patterns, is really beautiful, but also comical to hear. The differences in her postures and mannerisms of the characters is immediate and amazing. Virginia's writing is a unique talent and the phrasing and pace of the play is perfect."

"The audience was pulled into the emotional aspects with laughter and tears, and the subject matter is universal. I'm already looking forward to seeing it again!"

-Sally Miller

"A very touching show, and one of the best shows I've seen in a very long time. I was crying and laughing at the same time."
- Elizabeth Moradi

"Virginia Bryan is a very talented actress. Her ability to play so many different characters in one scene is astonishing."

- Rafael Tabari


"What is impressive about Bryan's characterization is the variation she finds..."

""All of [her characters] are extremely well defined and very different from each other.""

"She manages to steer clear of stereotypes and all the women seem very real which shows a lot hard work and talent on Bryan's part."

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"I just want to give my strongest endorsement to Virginia Bryan's show 'My 3 Moms'....There are solo shows and then there are incredible shows that are done by one person. This is one of the latter. It's theater. It's beautiful. It's funny. I'm pretty sure it's also the only time I've ever teared up in the booth during a tech rehearsal, and I'm not talking about tears of laughter. Anyway, I'm proud to be able to help tech this show, and I can't recommend it strongly enough." -Geoff Grimwood (2009 ECNY Awards Nominee)


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